COSMOPLAST PPR Elbow 90° 20mm, 25mm, 32mm

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Color FamilyGreen
Size20 mm, 25mm, 32mm
Item TypeElbow 90°
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  • PPR fitting 90-degree elbow are smooth, the fluid resistance is less, the installation and transportation are convenient, the weight is light. Low temperature and high-pressure resistant, low temperature – 10 degrees Celsius. Aside from a couple of oxidizers, PPR fittings can resist multiple chemical media erosion, no bacteria, and avoid scaling and blockage. PPR pipeline system can be utilized for quite a while at 70 C and 1.0 Mpa working pressure.
  • Pipeline system of residential houses hot or cold water, Transportation and release of water for industrial use or chemical species, Pipeline system of drinking or pure water, Procreative and conveying system of soda pops and mediation, Pipeline system for the Heating system in the building, such as panels, floors, radiation heating systems, another pipeline system for industrial agriculture.
  • Non-polar materials affect all particles in the water and compound substances in structures and won’t corrode and rust.
  • It has great thermal insulation and for the most part doesn’t need extra warm materials when utilized in steaming hot water systems.
  • The smooth inner wall of the pipeline makes the resistance en route smaller than the metal pipeline, and the energy utilization is lower.
  • With great hot-melt execution, the hot-liquefy connection connects pipes and fittings of a similar material into an ideal entire, eliminating the hidden danger of water leakage.
  • Hygienic, non-toxic
  • There is no contamination to the climate during construction, production and use, and it is a green structure material.
  • Drinking water systems and food industry pipe works

20mm, 25mm, 32mm


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COSMOPLAST PPR Elbow 90° 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
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