Terms and Conditions – YAM Trade B2B Platform

1. Definitions: 

a. YAM Trade B2B Platform: Refers to the online marketplace that facilitates transactions between businesses. 

b. Seller: Refers to the business entity offering products or services for sale on the B2B platform. 

c. Buyer: Refers to the business entity purchasing products or services from the B2B platform. 

d. Transaction: Refers to the process of buying and selling products or services through the B2B platform.

2. Registration: 

a. The YAM B2B platform requires all users to register before conducting any transactions. 

b. Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process. 

c. The B2B platform reserves the right to verify the authenticity ofthe provided information.

3. Account Security: 

a. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account credentials. 

b. Users must not share their account details with any third party.

c. The B2B platform is not liable for any unauthorized access or activity on the user account.

4. Product Listings: 

a. Sellers are responsible for providing accurate and complete information about their products or services. 

b. Sellers must ensure that their listings comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 

c. The B2B platform reserves the right to moderate and remove any listings that violate its policies.

5. Ordering and Payment: a. Buyers can place orders for products or services listed on the B2B platform. 

b. Buyers must provide accurate order details and complete the payment process as specified. 

c. The B2B platform may offer different payment methods, and buyers can choose the one most convenient for them.

6. Delivery and Returns: 

a. Sellers are responsible for timely delivery of products or services as agreed upon. 

b. Buyers may have the option to request returns or refunds

for defective or unsatisfactory products, subject to the B2B platform return policy. 

c. The B2B platform may facilitate communication between buyers and sellers to resolve any delivery or return issues.

7. Dispute Resolution: 

a. In case of any disputes between buyers and sellers, the B2B platform may provide mediation services to help resolve the issue. b. If mediation fails,

the parties involved may pursue legal action according to the applicable laws and jurisdiction.

8. Privacy and Data Protection: 

a. The B2B platform collects and processes personal information as described in its Privacy Policy. 

b. Users consent to the collection, use, and storage of their personal data in accordance with the B2B platform Privacy Policy.

9. Termination: 

a. The B2B platform reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user account for violation of its terms and conditions. 

b. Users can terminate their account by following the specified procedure provided by the B2B platform.

10. Modification of Terms: 

a. The B2B platform may modify its terms and conditions at any time, and users will be notified of such changes. 

b. Continued use of the B2B platform after the modifications constitutes acceptance of the revised terms.

Note: YAM B2B reserve its right to cancel any transactions without justification. 

YAM B2B requires payment in full prior to dispatch of goods. 

YAM B2B is not responsible for the good’s conditions or any faults, or defects on delivery or after installation and all complaints should be made directly to manufactures. 

YAM Trade B2B is a wholesale trade platform only.

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