Ibstock Pre War Common Brick 73mm Brick

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The Ibstock Pre-War Common Facing Brick 215 x 102 x 73mm (L x H x W) Red, is a range of clay bricks proven ideal for masonry works. The clay material makes the product strong and durable. The brick weighs 2.60kg making it suitable for domestic and commercial buildings. This brick is good for general purpose brickwork and is moderately frost resistant. The brick has a water absorption rate of 12% which is ideal for brick matching, with a compressive strength of 50N/mm2. Clay facing bricks when incorporated into a building gives acoustic insulation, inhibit condensation and regulate the relative humidity of the atmosphere. This brick has high thermal mass and low conductivity, contributing to the building’s own efficiency. Clay brick has a long service life, is re-usable upon demolition. This product is made with naturally occurring materials – colour and texture will differ due to the various locations it is sourced from. This should be considered if using this product for decorative purposes.

Features & benefits
  • The hard solid brick is burned in a clamp for more durability
  • Frost resistant


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