Polypipe Drain Inspection Chamber Base 460mm Black

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The Polypipe Drainage Chamber Base suits perfectly with all residential and architecture styles. It uses minimal maintenance to upkeep and perfect for use on light commercial applications. This inspection chamber base is available in black colour for the suitability of all systems. It is manufactured from polypropylene due to its strength and flexibility making them a great alternative to clay and concrete drainage cover. This product measures 240 x 605 x 220mm (L x W x D) with 460mm diameter, 593mm thickness makes it flexible to accommodate normal ground movement. It also commonly used to stop debris from entering the pipe system during development. It is designed to be lightweight for easy handling and installation, simple seal and snap cap system reveals non-pressurized drainage technology.

Features & benefits
  • Manufactured from polypropylene to ensure durability
  • Push-fit technology ensures both speed and easy installation
  • Flexible enough for a wide variety of applications
  • No solvent cement is required, due to its push fit feature
  • Robust lightweight design for ease of manual efforts


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