Polypipe Drain Square Hopper with Grid 110mm Terracotta

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The Polypipe Drainage Rectangular Hopper Grid 110mm Dia Terracotta is an efficient plumbing tool with a permanent solution that is designed for secure jointing. It prevents the ingress of debris whilst collecting surface water which is suitable for gravity drainage and sewerage systems. Manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride material with plastic grid, it is resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts. The square hopper and gully grid should be assembled to the universal gully trap via underground drainage pipe. The assembly should take place out of the ground and then manoeuvred into its place. It measures 185 × 277 × 225mm (L × W × T) and weighs 776 grams. It offers strength and flexibility making it a great alternative to clay and concrete drainage. The gully has an adequate resistance to the normal temperature range of domestic sewerage.

Features & benefits
  • Holds all the relevant certificates and approvals, including BS EN 1401 and BS4660:2000 where applicable
  • Manufactured in PVCu to provide strength, durability and ease of installation
  • Innovative seal and snap-cap system allows push fit joints
  • Matching selection of fittings and ancillaries
  • Resistant to action with chemicals
  • Flexible product that accommodates to normal ground movement
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015


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