Popular style front entry black modern pivot wooden door designs for home

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What is a pivot door ?

A pivot door is one that opens and closes by rotating on a spindle instead of hinges attached to the side of a door and door frame.
Obviously a pivot door hinge is different than a regular door hinge (there are many different types of door hinges). First of all, there are only to parts – one for the top and one for the bottom. Regular doors usually have three hinges.
What is the advantage & disadvantage of a pivot door ? 
Advantage : Other than the “unique” factor, the main reason to use a pivot door is it allows for much wider doors. The door in the house we stayed in was a very wide single panel door. The wider the door, the further in from the frame the spindle. Disadvantage : there is a gap of 1 – 2cm around the top and bottom hinge of the door , so the airtightness is not as good as that of the swing hinged door. This is why we always recommend Pivot doors to be installed in a semi or fully protected location.


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