Wavin OsmaDrain Cover Frame 87.50° Spare Bottle Gully 110 Brown

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The Wavin OsmaDrain Cover Frame Spare Bottle Gully 87.5° Brown, is manufactured from high-grade plastic material. The product measures 110mm (Dia) with 280 x 320 x 230mm (H x L x W). It is a light-weight which is weather resistant and durable. This product provides an efficient means of waste water drainage and foul discharge from appliances. This Wavin OsmaDrain Spare Bottle is accredited by BS EN 1401-1. The product is specially designed with an integral trap with easy access for rodding. It is unique rotating body which is allowing for flexibility during installation. This pipe is suitable for both commercial and domestic installations.

Features & benefits
  • Incorporates captive seal technology
  • BS 4660 : 2000 approved
  • Robust lightweight design for ease of manual efforts
  • Manufactured from plastic for durability, strength and low-maintenance


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