Bosch CYL-3 Concrete Drill Bit 100 x 6.50mm Chrome

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The Bosch CYL-3 Concrete Drill Bit 100 x 6.50mm (L x Dia) Chrome is a cutting tool that is used to create holes that are circular cross section. The working length of the product is 60mm. Manufactured from fine grade carbide, this product ensures durability and offers the best wear resistance. A special blend of carbide is developed and manufactured by Bosch to withstand regular use and is wear resistant when working with concrete. The drill bit provides long-lasting performance in drilling for fixations used on abrasive materials such as concrete and natural stone. To ensure the quality of the drill bit, the product bears the test mark of PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board.

Features & benefits
  • Dust removal and friction reduction due to 2 channel U-shape design
  • Manufactured from carbide ensures durability
  • Material blend ensures high wear resistance


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