Bosch Drilling Auger Bit-Hex Shank Drive 20mm Silver And Black

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The Bosch Drilling Auger Bit-Hex Shank Drive 20mm Dia Silver and Black is suitable for drilling all soft and hardwoods, and even wet wood. The product drills up to 1000 W and has a longer operational life. It is manufactured from stainless steel making it extremely hard. It is specifically designed for the building industry including roofers, joiners and carpenters. The product has a working length up to 160mm. Optimised scoring spur and precision-ground main cutting edge produce accurate holes, ideal for use in the ancillary building trades. This precision-ground drill bit delivers dimensionally accurate holes with a fine surface finish. It has a high break resistance and optimised flute geometry which enables a fast drilling rate. Bosch is a leading manufacturer of accessories for power tools and is an innovation leader with 125 years of tradition. Also, it aims to develop innovative accessories for all applications making it more efficient working and to provide new materials, with more than 8000 products that are available.

Features & benefits
  • Heavy-duty self-feeding tip allows for quick precision-drilling
  • Hexagonal shank fits all drill drivers with a 13mm chuck
  • Fast drilling rate due to optimised low-friction flute geometry
  • Cutting wire for fast and accurate holes
  • Main wire for quick and low pressure holes for drilling
  • Usage of product in various material ensures flexibility
  • The rugged surface helps in drilling deep dowel holes in wood
  • High-speed drilling with little exertion


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