Bosch Robust High Speed Steel-Titanium Promoline Metal Drill Set Gold

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The Bosch Robust High Speed Steel-Titanium Promoline Metal Drill Set Gold 19-Piece contains drill bits of diameter 1,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10mm. It transmits the vibrations produced by the drilling machine into hard materials, thereby drilling the concrete. The product drills up to 1000 W and has a longer operational life. It is manufactured from high-speed steel making it extremely hard also the professional range of multi-purpose drill bits suitable for drilling all kinds of materials. The drilling percussion bit has a faster drill speed in concrete, it could also be used with an impact resistant hammer for drilling bits. It is the best-suited equipment for fixing holes in metal, wood, steel, plastics, ceramics, multi-layered materials, natural stone, artificial stone, masonry and limestone. Bosch is a leading manufacturer of accessories for power tools and is an innovation leader with 125 years of tradition. Also, it aims to develop innovative accessories for all applications making it more efficient working and to provide new materials, with more than 8000 products that are available.

Features & benefits
  • Usage of product in various material ensures flexibility
  • Hand-held rotary percussive drill for drilling into unreinforced concrete
  • Made of high-speed steel makes it strong
  • Fits all power tools and brands, all need for drilling and screw driving
  • Minimal material between a twin-cut chase allows conduits to be fitted
  • Premium bosch standards ensure good quality
  • Less-aggressive end helps the drill to cleanly exit the top surface of the workpiece


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