Forterra Red Bank Square Hole Airbrick 215 x 65mm Red 350

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The Forterra Red Bank Square Hole Airbrick is made from clay material which makes it strong and durable. Rooms with a cavity wall under a wooden floor that contains a gas appliance which needs air bricks and cavity wall ducts to increase airflow and minimise the possibility of damp or accumulation of gases. This product measures 215 x 50 x 65mm (L x W x H) which is suitable for all the user’s requirements. It contains the BES 6001 responsible sourcing certification for its quality. It weighs 1.80kg which is easy to handle.

Features & benefits
  • Increases air flow preventing mould and dangerous gases
  • Reduces the risk of dampness as it is moisture resistance
  • Quick and easy to install which saves time


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