Hepworth Terracotta Airbrick Square Hole Red 215mm x 140mm

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The Hepworth Terracotta Square Hole Airbrick in Red has dimensions of approx. 215 x 65 x 50mm (W x H x D). It is manufactured from Vitrified Clay and is used to provide natural air ventilation in roof and floor voids. It has a free air space of 1300mm2 and is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. Terracotta airbricks complement the external finish of a property and weather in well with the surrounding brickwork. They are resistant to fading and frost.

Features & benefits
  • Resistant to frost
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Allows air movement to reduce condensation build up
  • Holes sized to prevent vermin entry
  • Weathers well with surrounding brickwork


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