Strong-Tie Framing Anchor 115 x 35 x 35 x 1.20mm

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Call for Price / 600-561116

Strong-Tie Framing Anchor which measures 115 x 35 x 35 x 1.20mm (L x W x H x T) is made from pre-galvanised mild steel. The material is known for its formability and resistance to corrosion. The anchor’s exclusive bending slot allows instant, accurate bending on-site for all two and three-way ties. The balanced, completely reversible design allows this framing anchor to be used to secure a wide variety of connections. Both the safe working and characteristic loads are dependent on the types of connections.

Features & benefits
  • Corrosion resistant owing to galvanisation
  • Provides great support with ease of installation
  • Bending slots allow instant, accurate bending on site for all two and three-way ties
  • Speed prong holds framing anchor in position to allow easier nailing


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