Strong-Tie Large Reinforced Angle Bracket

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Call for Price / 600-561116

The Strong-Tie Large Reinforced Angle Brackets which measures 150 x 65 x 90 x 2.50mm (L x W x H x T) is made from galvanised steel. The material is known for its formability and resistance to corrosion. The heavy angles are generally used for connecting timber at 90-degree angles with the reinforced ribs that add on stability in the joint. The typical application includes fastening of small trusses, cladding plates, cladding uprights, rafter anchors, cantilevers, headers. If the overall structure prevents the rotation of the purlin or the post, the tensile strength is equal to half of the given value for two angle-brackets. The resistance value to consider is equal to half of the one given for two angle-brackets.

Features & benefits
  • Corrosion resistant owing to galvanisation
  • Reinforced ribs add extra rigidity
  • Complies with BS EN 845-1 and is CE Marked


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