Strong-Tie Heavy Engineered Restraint Strap 1000 mm

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Call for Price / 600-561116

The Strong-Tie Heavy Engineered Restraint Strap which measures 1000 x 1.5mm (L x T) is made from pre-galvanised steel. The material is known for its formability and resistance to corrosion hence austenitic steels are the most widely used grade of stainless steel. This is a direct replacement for traditional 2.5mm and 5mm thick restraint straps as the innovative design of these lightweight straps allows ease of handling and installation whilst maintaining the structural strength and robustness of much heavier weight types. Reducing the thickness to 1.5mm allows the HES (heavy engineered strap) strap to span over the top of floor joists and the bottom chords of trusses without the need for notching with the bend at 100mm.The HES straps are less than 40 percent of the weight, quicker to fit, and overcome many fixing problems associated with traditional heavy straps.

Features & benefits
  • Corrosion resistant owing to galvanization
  • Formed edge design gives additional strength on bend


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