Bosch Chiselling SDS-Plus Spade Chisel 250mm Silver

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The Bosch Chiselling SDS-Plus Spade Chisel 250mm L Silver transmits the vibrations produced by the drilling machine into hard materials, thereby drilling the concrete. The product drills up to 1000 W and has a longer operational life. It is manufactured from stainless steel making it extremely hard. The product has a working length up to 125mm. It has a long life with 30 per cent longer lifetime and 15 per cent higher material removal rate. The SDS-plus spade steel tipped drill bit tip and innovative fold for rapid drilling, dust removal and wall friction. The drilling bit has a faster drill speed in concrete, it could also be used with an impact resistant hammer for drilling bits. It is the best-suited equipment for fixing holes in natural and artificial stone, concrete, wallboard, stone, brick and slate.

Features & benefits
  • Centring tip guides drilling from the start for efficient work and exact hole diameters
  • Flute design provide fast dust removal
  • Made of stainless steel makes it strong
  • Features a diamond drill or core cutter to see separate entries
  • Minimal material between a twin-cut chase allows conduits to be fitted
  • Silver percussion offers longer operational life
  • Usage of product in various material ensures flexibility


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