Bosch Drilling Cylinder 9 Ceramic Tile Drill Bit 6mm Silver

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The Bosch Ceramic Tile Drill Bit 80x 6mm (L x Dia) White is ideal for use on soft to medium density tiles. It comes with a diamond-ground tungsten carbide cutter for precise drilling start without the bit roving around. The product comes with highly durable tungsten carbide tip that ensures long lifetime. It comes with good wear resistance and well reinforced head that maximises the lifetime of the drill bit. It is used on soft to medium density tiles, porcelain, ceramics and non-toughened glass. The product comes with low speed use which gives less impact that prevents cracking of tiles.

Features & benefits
  • The make of the product is from glass making it durable
  • Precise shear and hook angles provide a smoother and elegant finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Product comes with good wear and tear resistant feature
  • Cylindrical shank system makes it compatible with corded or cordless drills


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